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Trade schools in Eau Claire

Aspects such as good teachers, the best study material, and good conditions of the building, are most important to keep in mind before choose a trade school, In Wisconsin there are several trade schools specifically in Eau Claire. Here you have a list of trade schools classified by these important characteristic.

13 Trade schools found in Eau Claire  

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Master of Business Administration Program
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business is designed to prepare working professiona...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Accounting Program
College programs leading to associate and bachelor's degrees in accounting provide the skills and credentials employers want. In fact, accounting ...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Business Administration Program
A business administration degree from Globe University/Minnesota School of Business will provide the skills and credentials you need to succeed. We of...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Business Management Program
At Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, our business management program is distinguished from those at other colleges by an industry-specifi...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Information Technology Program
At Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, our information technology (IT) degree program is focused on one goal: preparing students to move in...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Criminal Justice Program
The criminal justice system offers unique and challenging problems. Are you ready to be part of the solution? An associate degree in criminal justice ...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Legal Administrative Assistant Program
Prepare for a career as a legal administrative assistant. Learn the skills that you will need to work at a law firm, corporation, government agency, f...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Paralegal Program
Are you ready to take advantage of the career opportunities a paralegal degree provides? What skills will you need to work in a law firm, corporation,...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Health Care Management Program
As our population ages, and the healthcare delivery system becomes more complex, there will be increased career opportunities for well-qualified manag...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

Massage Therapy Program
Are you looking for a flexible and rewarding career? Do you want to be your own boss in an industry expected to grow substantially? Have you been told...
Address: 4955 Bullis Farm Road

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