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Would you like to pursue a career to work in technical fields such as art, design, business automotive, information technology, culinary, health care or education in United States?. In South Dakota there are several trade schools where you can study these careers. Here you have information about 45 trade schools with important information about their location and how to contact them.

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45 Trade schools found in South Dakota  

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BS - Paralegal Studies Program
National American University offers a highly acclaimed Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies degree program. Paralegals, sometimes called legal ass...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

A.S. - General Education Studies Program
NAU's Associate of Science degree in General Education Studies offers an opportunity for students who have not declared a career goal. Upon comple...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration - Accounting Program
In today's business world, managers often need skills in financial management. National American University's Bachelor of Science in Business ...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

BS - Business Administration - Management Program
This degree is intended for those who aspire to high-level executive management positions in private industry or government. As a graduate, you can ex...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

BS - Business Administration - Pre-Law Program
For those of you whose goal is to attend law school, National American University offers a curriculum designed to provide you with a foundation of kno...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

Criminal Justice Program
The criminal justice system offers unique and challenging problems. Are you ready to be part of the solution? An associate degree in criminal justice ...
Address: 5101 South Broadband Lane

AAS - Pharmacy Technician Program
The growing use of prescription medications has created a need for formally trained pharmacy technicians. National American University's Associate...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

Master of Management Program
The MM program is designed to offer graduates of diverse undergraduate programs the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills base. This gradua...
Address: 2801 S Kiwanis Ave., Ste. 100

Health Care Management Program
As our population ages, and the healthcare delivery system becomes more complex, there will be increased career opportunities for well-qualified manag...
Address: 5101 South Broadband Lane

Accounting Program
College programs leading to associate and bachelor's degrees in accounting provide the skills and credentials employers want. In fact, accounting ...
Address: 5101 South Broadband Lane

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