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Aspects such as good teachers, the best study material, and good conditions of the building, are most important to keep in mind before choose a trade school, In New York there are several trade schools specifically in Garden City. Here you have a list of trade schools classified by these important characteristic.

5 Trade schools found in Garden City  

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Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Program at Sanford-Brown Institute
A Cardiovascular Technologist works side by side with physicians to help administer cardiology exams and vascular tests including EKG’s and stress EKG...
Address: 711 Stewart Ave., 2nd Floor

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program at Sanford-Brown Institute
Have you always wondered what a Medical Ultrasound Technician or Diagnostic Medical Sonographer actually did for a living? Well, Ultrasound Technology...
Address: 711 Stewart Ave., 2nd Floor

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Program at Sanford-Brown Institute
Medical Billing and Coding is an essential function of any health care organization. Would you like to become an essential member of a doctor’s office...
Address: 711 Stewart Ave., 2nd Floor

Medical Assistant Program at sanford-Brown Institute
The Medical Assistant Program at the Sanford-Brown Institute in Garden City is an exciting 9 to 12 month program designed to provide you with entry-le...
Address: 711 Stewart Ave., 2nd Floor

Pharmacy Technician Program at Sanford-Brown Institute
The Certificate program in Pharmacy Technician is designed to provides the technical and practical training necessary for graduates to work as an assi...
Address: 711 Stewart Ave., 2nd Floor

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