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Trade schools in Louisville

Aspects such as good teachers, the best study material, and good conditions of the building, are most important to keep in mind before choose a trade school, In Kentucky there are several trade schools specifically in Louisville. Here you have a list of trade schools classified by these important characteristic.

79 Trade schools found in Louisville  

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Business Administration Program
A rapidly changing economy means more opportunities for those who have specific business administration knowledge and skills. By specializing in a par...
Address: 10172 Linn Station Rd. Ste. 300

Computer Information Systems Program
Working behind the scenes, computer information systems specialists and CIS management professionals design, build and implement software solutions th...
Address: 10172 Linn Station Rd. Ste. 300

Network Systems Administration Program
Today nothing is more critical to successful business operations than effective networks. Maintaining existing systems and launching new ones is the j...
Address: 10172 Linn Station Rd. Ste. 300

Technical Management Program
With qualifying prior college you can add an important credential - a bachelor's degree - to your resume. Plus, by applying previously earned cred...
Address: 10172 Linn Station Rd. Ste. 300

Web Graphic Design Program
With the dramatic growth of the Internet and exciting technological advances in the design field, web graphic design degree holders are uniquely poise...
Address: 10172 Linn Station Rd. Ste. 300

Billing and Coding Specialist Program at Daymar College - Louisville
As treatment becomes more complex, and as litigation remains a significant concern in the medical community, the need for trained Billing and Coding S...
Address: 4112 Fern Valley Road

Criminal Justice Program at Daymar College - Louisville
The criminal justice field is experiencing significant growth. Mandatory sentencing guidelines calling for longer sentences and reduced parole make th...
Address: 4112 Fern Valley Road

Graphic Design Program at Daymar College - Louisville
If you want to develop your artistic tendencies and wish to expand your creative abilities and knowledge, a Degree in Graphic Design is an excellent c...
Address: 4112 Fern Valley Road

Internet Website Designer Program at Daymar College - Louisville
The fastest-growing segment of the Information Technology field is web site design and developing E-commerce solutions. Get a head start in this high-...
Address: 4112 Fern Valley Road

Medical Assisting - Administrative Track Program at Daymar College - Louisville
The Medical Assisting - Administrative Track program at the Owensboro campus prepares students to excel in the medical office environment. Students ga...
Address: 4112 Fern Valley Road

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