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Aspects such as good teachers, the best study material, and good conditions of the building, are most important to keep in mind before choose a trade school, In California there are several trade schools specifically in Riverside. Here you have a list of trade schools classified by these important characteristic.

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Computer Support Technician - Diploma at Kaplan College
Computers are an integral part of society, and almost every computer user encounters problems periodically. As a result, there is a high demand for co...
Address: 4040 Vine Street

Dental Assistant Program - Diploma at Kaplan College
The dental industry is growing as new cosmetic procedures are introduced each day. If you are ready to break into this exciting field, contact Kaplan ...
Address: 4040 Vine Street

Massage Therapy Program - Diploma at Kaplan College
More than ever before, people are turning to natural forms of stress reduction, preventive health care, fitness programs, and relaxation techniques to...
Address: 4040 Vine Street

Medical Assistant Program - Diploma at Kaplan College
Due to the growth of the health care industry, the demand for medical assistants is on the rise.* As a medical assistant, your duties may include admi...
Address: 4040 Vine Street

Medical Billing and Coding Program - Diploma at Kaplan College
A medical biller and coder transforms information from medical records documentation into numeric codes for reimbursement and billing under various in...
Address: 4040 Vine Street

Pharmacy Technician Program - Diploma at Kaplan College
If you are interested in becoming a qualified pharmacy technician in the rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry, Kaplan College can help prepare you ...
Address: 4040 Vine Street

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