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Medical Coding Program - Diploma at Rasmussen College

If you are an Allied Health professional who is looking to increase your credentials, you can earn a diploma in Medical Coding training at Rasmussen College. Earning a diploma as a Medical Coding Specialist will display your skill level, making it clear that you have the knowledge and training needed to perform your duties successfully.

In your Medical Coding training, you will learn to rely on your knowledge of disease processes to assign codes to each diagnosis a patient receives and then accurately reflect those diagnoses in patients’ permanent medical records. Making sure the information in patients’ charts is correct, is one of the most critical tasks in healthcare, and adding these types of skills to your knowledge base can position you to earn more money and respect in your workplace.

Adding Medical Coding credentials to your resume is the best way to ensure that you deliver the most well rounded care possible to your patients. With Medical Coding training from Rasmussen College, you can help society stay healthy by making sure the flow of information continues unhindered throughout the discovery, treatment, and recovery processes. Make a difference everyday by increasing your credentials with our Medical Coding Specialist diploma.

As an Allied Health professional, you are already responsible for much of what is done to care for patients in your workplace. With Medical Coding training from Rasmussen College, you will have the skills to ensure them the best care possible. Earning additional credentials, such as a diploma in Medical Coding, will clearly exhibit a commitment to your career, positioning you for the possibility of faster advancement, a higher salary, and more respect from your employer and peers.

What You Will Learn During Your Medical Coding Training

At Rasmussen College, we will teach you the skills you need to perform your job at the highest level possible. Here are some of the courses you will take in the Medical Coding Specialist diploma program.

* Anatomy and Physiology

* Medical Terminology

* Basic ICD-9-CM Coding

* Intermediate ICD-9-CM Coding

* Ambulatory Care Coding

* Intro to Health Information Management

* Medical Insurance and Billing

* Pathology

* Medical Law and Ethics

* Communication

* Success Strategies

* Career Development.

School name:Medical Coding Program - Diploma at Rasmussen College
Address:2127 Grand Boulevard
Zip & city:FL 34690 Florida

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Medical Coding Program - Diploma at Rasmussen College Trade School Location

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