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Business Administration with a Human Resources Specialization Program at Rasmussen College

Open the door to many exciting careers, by earning a business administration degree from Rasmussen College. Our programs are structured to teach you the professional skills you need to become a successful manager in the business world.

Enter the exciting field of human resource management. Human resources professionals recruit, screen and hire prospective employees; develop and execute orientation and training programs for employees; and maintain employee information.

Recruiting and personnel careers are fast-paced and highly interactive. Recruiters maintain contacts in the community to inform the public about open positions. They interact with other organizations and social groups about open positions in their organization, and they sometimes travel to recruit job applicants.

Training professionals perform many of the same tasks as personnel professionals. In addition, they set training policies and schedules. They train instructors and supervisors. They write training manuals and reports, and they create visual aids. They also write manuals about topics such as how to avoid discrimination. They investigate work accidents and write reports.

Career Opportunities for Human Resources:

* Human Resources Generalist

* Personnel Recruiter

* Employment Training Specialist

* Assistant Training Manager

* Staffing Specialist

* Personnel Clerk

* Compensation and Benefits Administrator

What Human Resources Professionals Do:

* Recruit, interview, and hire others

* Evaluate qualifications and check references. May run background checks

* Make job offers. May make hiring recommendations and refer applicants to hiring staff

* Conduct orientation and training for new and existing employees

* Talk to supervisors or conduct surveys to identify training needs

* Write training manuals and create visual aids for presentations

* Maintain employee information

* Assist with benefits and compensation administration

What It Takes To Be Successful In Human Resources:

* Ability to identify problems, review information, and analyze options and apply solutions

* Initiative to carry out ideas, programs, systems, or products

* Ability to judge the costs and benefits of a possible action

* Skills to determine how a system should work and how changes in operations will affect outcomes

* Ability to check learning progress of trainees and assess future needs.

School name:Business Administration with a Human Resources Specialization Program at Rasmussen College
Address:2127 Grand Boulevard
Zip & city:FL 34690 Florida

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Business Administration with a Human Resources Specialization Program at Rasmussen College Trade School Location

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