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Other trade schools resources

During your study you will come across different college terms that can confuse you. For that reason, you can find explanations of the meaning of the most common college terms in the section Terminology and Glossary. Most Colleges use these terms, but their definitions may slightly differ. You will find general educational terminology as well as terminology related to financial aid, among other terms.

The next article is dedicated to the most frequently asked questions regarding online forms for trade schools. There you can find answers on what the difference between online study and traditional way of study is, what the future of online courses is, how to choose a good quality school, what technical equipment you will need for such form of study, how online communication, classification and homework look, and many other useful responses to commonly asked questions.

The last article is assigned to those who would like to know more about what is behind the study, it means something from practical experience of people who have already absolved their educational process. For this purpose, you will find a list of larger trade organizations from areas such as design drafting and digital design, publishing, wood-engineering, plumbing, building, constructing, or pet-sitting and many others.

Terminology and Glossary
Trade or vocational schools terms glossary from A to Z.

Answers to the frequently asked questions regarding education in trade schools.

Trade Organizations
Information about trade organizations that related to trade schools.

Trade Languages online
As the need for higher education and constant advancement in career increases.