What is a Trade School?

What is a Trade School?

A Trade School, known as Vocational school, trains students to develop skills for a certain vocation; these schools, unlike Universities, prepare students in specific fields such as electronics, automotive technology or fashion designing instead of subjects such as Humanities or philosophy. Most people consider that the preparation of students includes only practical teaching, but a good trade school must provide both conceptual and practical knowledge.

Trade schools aim to prepare their students to enter the workforce in order to be able to receive a high rate of compensation; that is why most students keep focused on the trade they want to specialize in; and most employers feel that they would considerably save on training costs and so they are increasingly showing a preference for students from technical schools.

Vocational schools are important for disadvantaged young people in some parts of the world, because these schools represent an opportunity to improve their living situation by studying for short periods of time and being immediately hired. Some of the advantages of studying in trade schools are the low rates and the useful skills that one can develop; many high-school graduates consider a trade school instead of a college or University.

Some countries consider trade schools as minimal education but that is incorrect; although that education doesn't include the liberal arts education, trade schools offer grounded education, which is rigorous and accredited. Many Schools offer opportunities to study online, enroll in evening classes, night school and study part-time.

Vocational school, Trade School and career school, no matter how you call it, it is the same thing; it is an educational alternative through which students need two years to get a degree; and if it's not clear enough: you can see a trade-school graduated in action when you need to fix a motorcycle, or when you're looking for a chef, who does not only know what happens to milk when it is heated, but he/she will know how to make sauces and gourmet meals.