Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship training is a new method of instruction in which apprentices learn new skills and abilities through experience and practice, immersing themselves in the job activity. They imitate the practitioners and professionals that surround him. That way, apprentices can adapt themselves to the instructor requirements.

The employer integrates new and cheap workforce into the company and he/she is able to discover new talents in the process. The employer guarantees the training and molds the apprentice's work performance to the company's needs. It is not rare to see apprentices to be taken in as practitioners once that their training is over.

There are many fields that require this kind of training. The skills needed to do the job must be tested and polished under the supervision of professionals before apprentices can practice for the first time. Apprenticeship may demand work area changes and an undivided attention.

Apprentices need to develop abilities that more often than not can only be acquired through practice.

Apprenticeship deals with the application of formal knowledge and/or the creation of new practical approaches that must be understood by the apprentice. It is hard not to learn how to apply your knowledge -it doesn't matter if you've taken lots of theory classes- into practice without previous performance of the activity.