Vocational education in the United States

Vocational education in the United States

Vocational education varies from state to state in the USA, although the American government has implemented a national curriculum that can be followed by public schools.

Trade schools are usually known as postsecondary schools so many times this kind of instruction takes place during the last years of high school. Many foreign students follow their studies in trade schools, because American post secondary educational institutions have low admission standards.

The American educational system is based on the idea that as many people as possible should have access to as much education as possible. Most American students attend trade schools, however, they usually apply for a university; they undergo vocational education to have some technical experience on their resumes. Vocational programs last two years, although some programs can last an extra year.

American vocational schools are aimed at quickly moving their graduates into semiskilled and skilled jobs, because nearly half of eighteen-year-olds do not attend college or university, vocational education is an important part of the American educational system. There are many community colleges that offer vocational programs, although it depends on the needs of the local community, these colleges also offer core courses and associate degrees (they are similar to undergraduate academic degrees).

The largest American National education Association is the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), this institution oversees vocational programs for young people and adults. Most prestigious American universities were vocational schools before, such as Carnegie Mellon University and The California Institute of Technology.

Vocation education plays an important role into regional and national educational systems, many students follow a vocational program in order to develop their job-specific skills, and American government invests a large amount of money to support these schools so in the hope of bringing good professional into the world.