Trade School Degrees

Trade School Degrees

Trade schools offer different kinds of degrees, but it all depends on what career one follows. Vocational programs don't require a high level of education so trade schools don't offer a university-level degree, although students who attend four-year programs can get a bachelor's degree. Community colleges are the most popular educational institution among high-school students who want a university-level degree.

Trade schools are accredited institutions of higher education dedicated to serving the educational and workforce needs of their local communities. These schools provide technical education so they can only give technical-level degrees such as associate's degrees, certificates or diplomas. However, these degrees allow graduates from trade schools to find a good job. Most students complete their technical training with other courses to occupy good positions within companies.

An associate degree (or two full years of college study after high school) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by an accredited vocational school or community college. One can get this degree after one completes technical training successfully. Many vocational careers have this degree such as nursing, technical dentist, paralegal, and other health and legal careers. An associate degree ensures that one has the work experience enough to occupy a job-specific position.

A certificate is normally awarded following successful completion of technical training and/or formal vocational education. An accredited vocational school gives this degree to all students who complete a particular course of study. This degree is equivalent to those granted by regular basic and secondary education. Pupils must pass an examination to get a certificate; this degree ensures that students qualify to occupy some technical jobs.

A diploma is similar to a certificate and it's issued by a trade school, many students can get one after complete their studies of a specific course. Students have to pass a final examination marking the end of their vocational education; all students who get a good score will get their technician diploma, this degree allows graduates to work with a technical job.