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Traditional Trades

Traditional Trades

Traditional trades, also known as preservation trades, are construction trade branches that have the function of preserving a building. Due to the great demand for this kind of job, one can find both private and public trade schools offering these kinds of courses. In many cases, traditional trade skills and techniques date from centuries back.

One of the main features of traditional trades is that they still conserve the traditional techniques and building materials, such as: stone, brick, terra cotta, adobe. With the passing of time, technology has helped to improve this kind of work. Although, these are considered as non-traditional tools, one can find people using trailers or electric saws.

These kinds of programs require people with many skills, and mainly people who want to work with society.

The following is a list with some of the most common traditional trades: Masonry, Timber framing, Joinery, Plasterwork, Painting, Blacksmithing. Other traditional trades are:

Traditional Trades - Electrician
Traditional Trades - Automotive Technician
Traditional Trades - Aviation
Traditional Trades - Engineering
An electrician is a person who is trained to repair, install and maintain electrical connections, although it is a dangerous job, it is highly paid career
 Automotive Technician
Automotive technicians inspect, maintain, and repair automobiles, light trucks and a wide variety of other automobiles.
This occupation requires skilled people with a great sense of responsibility, you can choose among these specialties: Flight operator, Pilot.
Information about engineering fields like Sea Engineering, Earth Engineering, Information Engineering, Air and Space Engineering.