Accounting Careers

Accounting Careers

Accounting is an essential professional activity to any company or corporation because accountants are engaged in plenty of activities such as preparing financial reports, tax strategies, computing general costs and business transactions.

Accountants have to know properly how business really works because they spend plenty of time resolving financial problems and consequently, they learn everything about the business world. That is why many Chief Financial Officers of the most important companies have begun their career by taking accounting jobs.

People who want to become professional accountants have to bear in mind some important considerations. They need to possess a positive aptitude for numerical and math problems, proficient computer skills, written and oral communication skills, and they have to be able to work under pressure.

The average salary for a professional in this area varies depending on the job position. However, according to Pay scale, the medium average salary was $60.000 per year in the 2010.

The most important trade school providing accounting skills are as follows:
  • Lincoln college of New England (Connecticut-)
  • American Commercial College (Texas-)
  • Berkeley College (New Jersey.)
  • Career Point College (Oklahoma.)
  • Bryant & Stratton College (New York.)